Sunday, April 30, 2017

Nanee's Review of His Best Friend's Brother by Edward Kendrick


Despite being deeply in the closet, thirty-one-year-old Kade Harlow loves his life as a bartender at the Tavern, unglamorous as that life may be. That is about to change, however, when his best friend's younger brother returns to town.

Alex Rowe has had a crush on Kade since he was a teenager, despite their nine-year age difference. When he gets an acting job at the local theater, he moves back to town then stops by the bar to visit Kade.

Wary of Alex's interest in him, Kade fights his growing attraction to the younger man for reasons he's unwilling to reveal to Alex--the same reasons that have kept him closeted his entire life. Can Alex break through the barriers Kade has put up or are his dreams of a relationship with Kade doomed to failure?

Nanee's Review:

Edward has a way of pulling me into everyone of his stories. This story was sweet and sexy...very sexy and full of great characters. I loved the characters, Kade is a all around great guy, love his sense of humor and his joy for his job. Alex is sweet and shy in some ways and loved his desire for Kade. Love their getting to know each other again and spending time together and wanting more. These two characters are sexy together!

Edward creates characters in his stories that you root for from start to finish and always hope for their HEA. I love the secondary characters, HUCK especially! and of course Brody and the actor friends of Alex's. This story is a sweet and loving story. 5 stars

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