Sunday, February 26, 2017

Nanee's Review of You Can Never Walk Away by Edward Kendrick


When his lover is killed while they're on a job, Kegan goes into seclusion, vowing never to return to the Agency, the covert organization they worked for. His handler has other ideas, tricking Kegan into coming back, then partnering him with Gage to find and eliminate Ash, a rogue operative.

Kegan and Gage locate Ash only to discover he's on the run because he found out that Patterson, the head of the Agency, is not what he seems. When the three men team up to bring Patterson down, will their budding personal relationship save them -- or get them killed?

Nanee's Review:

I love how Edward's stories draw you in by the blurb...I couldn't wait to read this story, It was full of mystery and intrigue and a whole lotta sexy! OMG Edward....Kegan, Gage and Ash are hot as hell, light your sheets on hot hot! and they are badass to boot. WOW! I am going to re read this story (fanning self). This story takes you on a wild ride of who the hell is Patterson working with and what is his plan next. This story is full of action and amazing characters. It is a must read by Edward Kendrick!!!! 5 stars

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